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 The Rules & Guidelines

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The Rules & Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: The Rules & Guidelines   The Rules & Guidelines EmptyMon Feb 16, 2015 8:59 am

The Rules & Guidelines

"We are the

« Even they follow our decree. »

The Rules & Guidelines 2d2dg2d1
"Rules. Rules rules rules rules rules. Always the same stupid rules everywhere!"

Yes. Rules. We all know them. As annoying as they are, I promise that they are for the good of us all for many reasons. We want to keep this place a nice and comfortable haven for everyone, so heed these few rules and we won't have a problem.

« I. Our Scans »

All of our scans are are all done for FREE by fans. That means that anyone found reselling our projects are scamming you and we strongly urge you to report this immediately.

► We allow the rehosting of our scans on other websites, however, you must wait at least 24 hours after their release before you may use them.

► If our projects are being rehosted on any sites, do not remove/modify the credit pages or alter our scans in any way, shape, or form.

► If you are looking to translate our scans into another language, please contact us at SenpaiNoticeMeScans@gmail.com for permission first. We may even give you the cleans if you ask.

► Submitting a request to a staff member for a series to be picked up does not guarantee that it will be done even if the staff member themselves agree to do the project. As we stand now, SNMS does not have Project Directors whom are given permission to decide which projects we will do, therefore all request must be forwarded to either Nian or Nyan for consideration.

« II. General Rules & Posting »

Prohibited Content

All matters, whether a topic for discussion, links, images, screenshots, videos and so forth, concerning a subject that may or may not cause an irrational urge to beg the mighty Alpacacorn for forgiveness is strictly forbidden.
This includes - but is not limited to - illegal activities, pornography/cybering, extreme violence involving a person or any living beings, sensitive themes, etc.


We here at SNMS strongly discourage any form of either acts  We encourage intelligent discussion and healthy debate, and personal attacks are not warranted under either. If you cannot be respectful to others, then don’t be surprised if those in charge are not respectful of your continued privilege to post.

        Flaming - The hostile and insulting interaction between Internet users, often
        involving the use of profanity.

        Trolling - A person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments
        or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic
        messages in an online community with the deliberate intent of provoking
        readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-
        topic discussion.


Regardless of whether the area you are posting in is more or less the spam zone or otherwise, we ask that your responses contribute to the thread in some way that keeps to context. Examples of spam posts include: "Yeah!" "lol", "/signed" "^this", or any form of repetition. Responding with images does not constitute as constructive posting, nor are posts which repeat a few words over and over. Posts deemed to be spam will be removed.


While in moderation, we permit the usage of general foul language. We, however, do not tolerate any sort of explicit vulgar profanities. SNMS has a widely varied audience, so we expect that the things you post are things you would be comfortable with your hypothetical 10 year old child or grandparents reading.


All crude and highly offensive displays of language, behavior, or posts/links to such will immediately result in an infraction. We allow discussions of smut in manga, yes, but please be mindful of the other members around you. Not everyone wants to know about how cute Akira looks when he's **** and doing **** with **** and **** **** **** in such fine detail. We are a group who do yaoi, so we understand if people want to make a comment on some of the more... "fan service" scenes. Just keep it tame, guys.

Post Formatting

Do not abuse the usage of color/font/font size settings. We get that you want to touch on to your artistic side and get funky with your formatting, but for the sake of us all, please don't. Not only is it painful to read, half the time, we don't even understand what all is going on in your post. Restrain yourself. Remember, less is more.


We here at Senpai Notice Me Scans have a zero tolerance policy in regards to intellectual theft. This act defines itself as the of claiming someone else's work as your own or leaving a piece uncredited. This rule applies sitewide, from the group's scans to the public posting forums, and beyond to all affiliations of SNMS. Disciplinary actions will be taken immediately upon discovery.


Want to help redirect a member to another scanlation group who is working on a certain series or genre? Sure, that's fine. Sharing a non-profit hosting site where everyone can read more manga? Go ahead, it's all cool. Linking a site or product that in no way, shape, or form has anything to do with whatever relates to what this group does? Sir or Ma'am, kindly remove yourself from my presence before I hunt you down with a very sharp object that I'm quite prepared to shove in certain areas of your body better left unmentioned. I expect your bags packed and you ready to take your leave by the time dawn break

Be Friendly

Everyone here is generally very pleasant to talk to by default. Play nice with us and we will do the same to you! cat

« III. Your Account »

Avatars & Signatures

The default limit of visible texts and/or images in signatures has been set not to exceed 700px by 250px. Images that surpass this limit will automatically resize itself accordingly.

All avatars and signatures must not contain or allude to any subjects found under the Prohibited Content listed above in section II. General Rules & Posting. A violation of these rules will result in the removal of your current image(s) and an infraction.

Identity Theft

While we can understand false identities to protect your real one, the act of taking and using a real and existing persona is not permitted and will receive you an infraction.


Creating/changing accounts for the sole purpose of slandering a person's reputation is unacceptable to the highest degree, resulting in an automatic suspension of the main account and a permanent ban of any accounts that were created on behalf of this misconduct.

« IV. Disciplinary System »


A Privately Messaged notification sent with the purpose of deterring further actions by the receiver that it may refer to, these are standard behavioral reminders to members by the staff. Warnings are able to cumulatively stack up to 3 times before/or escalate immediately to an Infraction.


Issued during cases in which a member commits a moderate offense, they are given an infraction with varying degrees of severity determined by the individual circumstance. A permanent strike on your account regardless of degree, repeated earnings of infractions may lead to the Suspension or Banning of an account.


When you have accumulated a substantial amount of infractions or violated a severe rule in accordance to the Senpai Notice Me Scans Rules and Guidelines, as the penalties for continuous infringements are less yielding, your access to the forums will be temporarily removed for a period at the discretion of the staff. All attempts to evade suspension through any means will result in an extended penalty as well as pose the threat of a possible permanent Ban.


As a final resort, all accounts associated with the IP will be banned as well as the IP address itself. Admission to the forums will be blocked entirely and the rights to registering under a new account will be revoked.

« Disclaimer »

The Rules & Guidelines 2d2dg2d1
Senpai Notice Me Scans staff reserve the right to remove your access to the forums at any time if it is deemed that your behaviour is detrimental to the forum and its community. We reserve the right to take disciplinary actions against users in regards to exceptional cases that are not covered explicitly under any one rule.

If you have any questions or concerns about the rules or a certain member of the staff, please contact one of the Admins - Nian or Nyan - via Private Message. Publicized complaints about staff that does not constitute to constructive criticism will be considered as bashing, therefore invoking disciplinary interference.

If you find yourself unable to accept the management of or the applicable restrictions on personal engagement of the group or forums, you may respectfully see yourself out at any time.

« ©️ Main Coding Nyan »
« ©️ Writing Nian »
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The Rules & Guidelines
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